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Top Reasons to Invest in Property in Belize

Top Reasons to Invest in Property in Belize

Belize offers some of the most affordable real estate in the Caribbean region making it a low-cost retirement destination.

Stable exchange rate : 

Local currency is the Belize Dollar or BZD.

1 USD = 2 BZD

Belize’s Superior Location : 

Belize’s proximity to North America bodes well for investors. 50% of Americans who live abroad live in the Americas as they prefer to be close to home. For example, Belize is only 2 hours from Miami by air. Direct flights are also available from Los Angeles; Houston; Newark, New Jersey; Dallas/Fort Worth; Charlotte, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; New York and Washington, D.C; and from Toronto, Canada for a few months of the year. Also, there will be direct flights to Belize from the U.K./Europe in 2008. The purchasing power of the Brits is remarkable – they have changed the face of real estate throughout Europe. Tuscany is now referred to as Chianti-shire. Belikin-shire anyone? (For the uninitiated, Belikin is Belize’s famous beer touted as “the Only Beer worth drinking”). New flight routes typically spawn an increase in real estate investments.

English Spoken as the Native Language in Belize : 

Forget the parlez-vous francais. We speak English here (and a little español).
Thousands and thousands of families from North America, Britain, Europe and just about every country in the world are already living a happy, relaxing and contented life in Belize

Strong Tourism Trends in Belize : 

Tourism is on the upswing in Belize, growing by over 20% annually. Plus, Belize has the highest percentage of cruise ship passengers coming ashore – an incredible 85% – in the entire Caribbean region. Belize is a crowd-puller for business people, entrepreneurs and developers interested in the eco-marketplace. Belize’s legendary barrier reef, biodiversity and pristine environment offer unlimited eco-development potential and opportunities. Savvy investors recognize that tourism trends directly correlate to real estate activity, increasing investors’ potential client base.

Belize Offers Attractive Taxation Incentives : 

Belize offers very attractive tax-sheltering incentives. For instance, there are no capital gains or inheritance taxes in Belize. The Belize government has implemented the Belize Retired Person’s Incentive Program, a program that allows qualified foreigners to make application for long-term residency in Belize and, if accepted, to live in Belize completely tax free for life. Less taxes = more ROI (Return on Investment) Email us at for more info!

Belizean Laws Fair to Foreigners : 

Foreigners purchasing land or property in Belize are afforded the same rights as Belizeans regarding freehold property ownership. That’s right – the same rights. There are no restrictions imposed on foreigners purchasing property in Belize and buying decisions can be made and executed quickly, with relative ease.

Belize’s Emerging Market Potential : 

The scope of real estate opportunities in Belize are diverse and plentiful, ranging from the emerging second-home destination through to commercial ventures. Belize offers a range of risk/reward options to fit different investment goals. The Belize government also offers incentives for foreign investors to develop resorts and tourist infrastructure along the coast.

Stability in Belize : 

Belize is a true democracy whose citizens enjoy political and economic stability. A member of the British Commonwealth, Belize’s legal system is based on British common law.

Belizean Lifestyle : 

Coconut groves. Sun-kissed coves. Shallow lagoons. Tropical moons. Who doesn’t want to live in Paradise? Celebrity visitors and real estate purchases have fuelled publicity about Belize. Leonardo DiCaprio, Tiger Woods, Lennox Lewis, Robert de Niro, Nicholas Cage, Harrison Ford, Charlize Theron and Francis Ford Coppola know a good thing when they see it. The word is out. Belize is hot.

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